Are Sex Dolls the Next Taboo to Go Mainstream?

Attitudes towards sexual expression are bound to evolve between generations. It is a natural trend for free societies to become more permissive of certain carnal behaviors over time. The progression towards progressiveness inevitably eliminates judgmental mentalities towards interests previously classified as taboo. Kinks and fetishes gradually enter the mainstream awareness through underground circles of Staten Island escorts until they are recognized as another normal outlet of intimacy. Lately, the evidence is suggesting that the use of sex dolls will be one of the next trends to witness widespread acknowledgement and acceptance.
Sex itself used to be a taboo topic in our extremely puritanical culture. As attitudes towards sexuality became more liberal and accepting, unspoken fetishes started gaining illicit media attention. The inception of the internet expedited this macrocosmic process, and unfettered free exchange of information has unlocked the whole dynamic range of human sexual expression.
In the newfound digital era, communities were able to form around certain fetishes, so people generally became more comfortable with their psychological impulses and physiological desires. This type of acceptance and removal of shame is an ongoing trend. Topics like BDSM, group sex and incest were all considered very taboo at one point; today, they are glorified as part of mainstream culture. As society stopped shunning those kinks, civilization will too cease in shaming sex doll lovers.

Speaking of kinks, sex dolls are far more open to experimentation than their human female counterparts. Perhaps the only thing better than an open mind is an empty mind. But these beings have more going on where it counts. They are programmed to be pleasing in every possible way, particularly visually and physically. In a sense, their intrinsic irresistibility will greatly contribute to a positive public perception of their practicality and utility. Sex dolls have reached levels of realism that defy belief.

According to modern psychologists that specialize in sexual health, the only kinks that don’t eventually become normalized are the ones that specifically hurt other people or violate norms of consent. Because fornicating with a sex doll is a harmless activity, there will be no reason to ostracize individuals who fetishize inanimate beings. A lot of the criticism directed towards this burgeoning community is simply because this is new technology, and the unknown is always scary at first.

As these titillating artificial designs start to become more prevalent, the public’s reaction will be tapered over time. The initial shock will wear off, and sex dolls will soon become commonplace. There will likely be coded terms dedicated to representing the nuanced sexual preferences in this subset. Soon, men who prefer these simulated vixens may even be designated within their very own orientation. Agalmatophilia is the new pansexuality!

Ultimately, sex dolls will play a defining role in the future development of human sexuality. This astonishing phenomenon is far more than just a mere fad; in fact, it is setting the stage for a full sexual revolution. These creations are giving customers and clients the chance to experience unfettered physical pleasure with zero room for inhibitions or repercussions.

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