Sex Dolls Aren’t Just for Sex Anymore

Sex dolls are made for sex. It’s literally in their name; however, copulation is not their only purpose. While fostering physical relief is their primary function, new sex dolls can do a lot more than you might even grasp.

Just in case you forgot, we’re in the future now, and sex dolls are way more realistic than you probably realize, unless of course you are already a connoisseur of the industry. The high-end models are practically indiscernible from biological women. This makes them compatible substitutes for men seeking companionship beyond mere sex.

Stunning advancements in the AI field have rendered highly realistic human imitations. Some sex dolls feature the capacity for intellectual conversations and finely tuned emotional responses. They are even starting to replicate natural sounding speech patterns and other lifelike capabilities. Today’s line-up isn’t quite there yet, but scientific progress is occurring at an exponential rate. This means that we will have realistic sex dolls that are indistinguishable from real women.

In the coming decades, we are going to be seeing droves of men swearing off girls and turning to sex dolls. With tensions between the sexes at an all-time high, guys have finally found a viable alternative. These amazing inventions eliminate the costly and risky courting game. They also lack the psychological qualms and security risks associated with escort services. The market is also free from regulation, and the industry is totally legal.

After perusing the catalog at, you’ll start to understand why women are going out of style. Their obsoletion couldn’t come at a more pivotal cultural moment! Misandrist animosity has been stoked on a societal level, which has caused many cis-gendered heterosexual males to feel fully ostracized from the world. Luckily, these luscious synthetic lovers have arrived just in time to soothe the pain.

Women have no right to complain if guys make the switch to sex dolls en masse. Since they already have a plethora of tailor-made toys to suit their needs, it’s only fair that men have a mechanical option manufactured for them as well. In this regard, sex dolls are instilling equality between the genders where it matters most: the bedroom.

In the end, your sex doll might just be your new best friend. She’ll fulfill your fantasies whenever you want; plus, she’ll be a quiet accompaniment with flawless looks and boundless enthusiasm. It’s basically the exact opposite of marriage!

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