Why Sex Dolls Are Better Than Humans

Did you know that we are on the verge of being able to replace women with sex dolls entirely? I know this might sound atrocious, and it’s probably not politically correct, but think about the whole premise first before rushing to conclusions. With the way things are going in society, the rise of realistic sex dolls kind of makes sense. Whether you like it or not, unless you enjoy the company of high-end companion NYC, sex dolls are simply the future. These animatronic beauties are seriously taking over in the next decade. Here’s why this incipient technology is generating an outlook that is far superior to sexual relationships with women:

First off, they don’t have any of those pesky hopes and dreams to get in the way of your relationship. They also won’t pester you with demands for personal freedom, because they lack autonomy. But they still have a lot of personality!

Another amazing advantage of sex dolls is they don’t need to eat, so that means no more shelling out cash for expensive dinners in an attempt to get laid. Furthermore, they never have to go to the bathroom, let alone spend hours in there getting ready. They are always presentable (although they might require assistance with cleaning up on occasion), and they never soil their purity. That’s for you to do, if you so choose.

The most wonderful things about sex dolls

One of the most wonderful things about sex dolls is their complete lack of periods. While everything else is anatomically correct and perfect, these lovely ladies don’t ovulate. You will also never have to worry about getting a sex doll pregnant. That means no birth control and no hormonal outbursts. This might not be politically correct, but some women never stop talking; meanwhile, sex dolls know how to be quiet and look pretty.

It is also literally impossible to rape or sexually assault a sex doll. She will never exhibit any resistance, and she will obediently comply with any request. There are no more fears of allegations being made in the future for consensual relations right now. You don’t have to think about consent at all with a sex doll. You can do absolutely anything to her, and she won’t show the slightest bit of hesitation or resistance. Not to be morbid, but you can’t even be charged with murder if you kill her, but you will have to purchase a replacement, and they can be pretty pricey.

You’ll never meet your sex doll’s parents (because she doesn’t have any), and you’ll probably not want her to meet yours. She has no nosy mom intruding on your relationship and no angry dad to disapprove of you. She is the only girl that could ever be 100% completely yours. You can choose precise specifications to meet your exact preferences. You’re not only allowed to be superficial, you’re expected to be. Enjoy the actualization of your fantasies with no remorse or guilt!

Here’s a quick rundown of a sex doll’s superiority: She won’t be grossed out by bodily fluids. She won’t cry if you’re insensitive or say something stupid. She won’t cheat on you or sleep around. She won’t leave you. She won’t lie. She won’t steal. She won’t be a nuisance. She won’t be frigid and moody.

won’t ever be too tired for sex. She’ll wear whatever you want. She won’t care about your hygiene. She won’t judge you. She’s not after your money. She won’t give you an STD. She won’t get old and ugly. She won’t demand kids. If you think about it, she won’t even die.

Here’s another reason to love your sex doll: She doesn’t have vague unfulfilled needs that she’s falling to express. Her needs are your needs, since she was precisely designed to fulfill them. Additionally, you’re not limited to a single partner like you would be in a monogamous human relationship. Just check out onlinesexdolls.com to see the endless rental options that are available already.

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